6th January

First competition and first win of the year! Cracking run by Susie and Pink, 5 seconds faster than the second placed dog!

28th June

New videos and pictures added

           29th May

Crispy met his new groomer. First groomer with a posh van gave up on him. Second groomer with a posh van said he bit him? Then he met Paula who grooms him at home. She gained his confidence and he's now happy when Auntie Paula pops round to give him a trim.

12th April

The winter was so much better than last year with only one training session lost to the weather. Minimal wear to grass and it's now looking good.

12th July

Barkalot Agility group joined us for a day in the sunshine at Moorlands. Agility, Steeplechase and 2 Challenges gave 6 runs each. 28% clear rounds and I was pleased to see recent recruits running well.

Highest points overall

1st Anne & Winnie

2nd Barry & Selkie, Louise & Jazz  Gary & Ellie, Anne & Megzy

3rd Charlotte & Jess


13th February

 Congratulations to Susie and Pink on gaining a 2nd place at their first show. Be sure to watch the video!


27th August   

Our 4th Agility day was presented by Barkalot Agility group. Agility, Jumping and Steeplechase courses so, 6 runs for everyone.

See Gallery 2 for pictures.

Many thanks to Anne and the group for a super day.                     


12th January

The festive season is well known to be a time of excess but sadly this time what we had in excess was rain! Currently the training venue is a swamp though I hope we will be able to use it soon.   


10th August

Dizzy Dogz new recruit arrived.

Agility day 9th August

This time we had Agility Jumping and Steeplechase courses that were a little more challenging but dog and handlers ran well with 21% clear rounds. Below: Penny offers Shep a few words of advice on his next run!

Agility day 14th June 

Our second gathering with friends from Barkalot.We had 6 runs each 2 of them being timed. 27% clear rounds and many with just 5 faults. Many thanks to Geri and Alexia for their help on the day.

Our next event is on 9th August and on 27th September Barkalot will be presenting an Agility day at Moorlands

    Agility Day April 19th

We were joined by dogs and handlers from Barkalot for a day of Agility. I was well impressed with all dogs and handlers who were kept busy with 6 runs each and 24% of those were clear rounds! 

Highest points overall

1st Suzy and Bert

2nd Anne and Winnie

3rd Debbie and Tizzy

Paul and Pebble

Louise and Ellie

Imogen and Megan.

December 12th 2014

The saddest day of my life. I said goodbye to Spike. My mate, my cuddle monster and my Agility partner. For a while I thought of giving up training but I quickly realised that would waste all that Spike had taught me. So, I'm here and pushing you harder in the hope that you can also experience the "Buzz"

Dizzy Dogz Newz


20th January

2017 didn't start well for us, we lost Poppy on New Years Day. She was 14 and whilst she'd slowed down was still keeping the "Boys" in order till she had a substantial stroke. Thanks for all the happy times, fun and wonderful memories my sweet girl.

19th July

In almost 10 years I guess we have lost about 5% of training sessions. Waterlogged ground, frozen ground or heavy rain but today it was the sun that stopped play!  34C that's over 90F

Challenge 1

1st Charlotte & Jess

2nd Gary & Ellie

3rd Anne & Winnie

Challenge 2

1st Anne & Winnie

2nd Barry & Selkie

3rd Anne & Megzy.

26th June

Susie and Pink needed just 2 points to go to Novice level but another win gave them 12! Senior, heading towards Champ this year?

Pictures of our more recent recruits Arthur, Jess, Winston, Finn, Crispy and Bella are now in the gallery.

Jess, Finn and Bert relax after training


 Challenge 1

   1st Imogen and Megan

   2nd Anne and Winnie Pooh

3rd Suzy and Bert

  Challenge 2

1st Suzy and Bert

2nd Sandra and Mollie

3rd Geri and Shep 



1st Sue/Barry with Amber

2nd Anne with Winnie

3rd Rosie with Sprocket

Helter Skelter

1st Imogen with Megan

2nd Susy with Bert

3rd Anne with Winnie

Highest points overall

Sharing 1st place:

Anne with Winnie 

Suzy with Bert      

2nd Paul with Pebble 

Sharing 3rd place:

Gary with Ellie

Imogen with Megan






1st Suzy and Bert

2nd Linda and Pebbles

3rd Gary and Ellie


1st Steve and Bertie

2nd Linda and Pebbles

3rd Suzy and Bert

Highest points overall

1st Gary and Ellie

2nd Suzy and Bert

3rd Steve and Bertie

At BAA shows all sizes compete together. Sure the Collies were fast but on this occasion not as fast as Spike!

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