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February 22nd


Update on pandemic: We can start Agility again as from 29th March so, 5 weeks from now. On the bright side we've just done 7 weeks in lock down so we are over half way!


A bit of history: 20 years ago we had a lockdown: Foot and Mouth! I remember I was keen to have a go at Agility but had to wait till late in the year, I think it was October.

This virus is just horrible. Today 26th Jan' I hear that 100,000 have died in the UK and to put that into perspective that's the entire population of Worcester! 


Whilst most Agility had stopped since last March we have at least enjoyed some and I think we behaved in a responsible way. Guidelines will not include Agility in 1/2 acre field so again I'll be guided by golf rules!


In reality I think it could be a long time before we can get back to it. I think of it as a war, the enemy being a virus. We must win and right now that's about inoculation and responsible behaviour.


Being a tad "Over 21" I had my first dose of "Oxford juice" on Saturday. Well impressed with seriously slick operation at my local surgery and felt this was a good sign of progress. We may be on the second or third rung of the ladder but this ladder goes right up to the frigging roof!


Stay safe. Cheers, John & the Boys


It may look like a Summer day but it was Ist December! Tilly and Bruce are making great progress and enjoying the sunshine

Simple Jump Design

I have often been asked about making jumps to use in the garden. The design shown in the picture is simple but effective. I don't think I need to write instructions but a shopping and cutting list might be useful.

From Wickes:

2 lengths of 34mm x 34mm x 2.4m. From these cut 6 uprights 80cms

2 lengths of 18mm x 94mm x 2.4mm. From each cut 3 at 45cms and 3 at 35cms

1 x 3m length of 32mm waste pipe. Cut this to make 3 x 1 metre poles.

From Ebay:

100 3.5mm x 30mm stainless screws 

waterproof wood glue (Small)

20 plastic joint connector blocks

jump cups (I sometimes have these in stock)

Those plastic connector blocks give a good 3 point contact but also keep the wood off the ground when parked on the patio. Built well and painted these will last for years. Though a more complex design the ones we use in training are now 10 years old! 

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