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It may look like a Summer day but it was Ist December! Tilly and Bruce our most recent recruits are making great progress and enjoying the sunshine

Simple Jump Design

I have often been asked about making jumps to use in the garden. The design shown in the picture is simple but effective. I don't think I need to write instructions but a shopping and cutting list might be useful.

From Wickes:

2 lengths of 34mm x 34mm x 2.4m. From these cut 6 uprights 80cms

2 lengths of 18mm x 94mm x 2.4mm. From each cut 3 at 45cms and 3 at 35cms

1 x 3m length of 32mm waste pipe. Cut this to make 3 x 1 metre poles.

From Ebay:

100 3.5mm x 30mm stainless screws 

waterproof wood glue (Small)

20 plastic joint connector blocks

jump cups (I sometimes have these in stock)

Those plastic connector blocks give a good 3 point contact but also keep the wood off the ground when parked on the patio. Built well and painted these will last for years. Though a more complex design the ones we use in training are 9 years old! 

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