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Levels 1 to 4

As handlers and their dogs gain skill they have the opportunity to run graded courses and gain awards..

This may seem like a test or exam and we certainly work on developing skills but handlers and dogs only develop skills when they are having a lot of fun.

Yes, you can hang it round your neck or take the string off, it's a fridge magnet!

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level1 (2).png
Level 1
level2 (2).png
Level 2
level3 (2).png
Level 3
level4 (2).png
Level 4


These have been updated with a few minor changes, and will be on website soon.

Whilst salient points from risk assessments are in "Identified risks/safety measures" if anyone in the group identifies a risk that is not included please tell me.

See 5) in DD Safety Policy.

Let me explain why on some documentation I refer to J S Agility. When I started the group the intention was to call it Dizzy Dogs. Person I had trained with had dog called Dizzy PTS and I was trying to be sensitive. A little later I started the website and Dizzy Dogs was already taken so it became Dogz with a Z

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