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Dizzy Dogz Agility

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Ear we go!

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Last update 15/02/24

We welcome new members to our group and finding out if the group suits you it costs nothing. The first two sessions are free but as with any offer there are conditions:

Some basic training is required, come when called and sit when told being the main points. Walking well on the lead isn't significant as we work off lead. Dogs must be socially adjusted and easy in the company of other dogs. Dogs and handlers need to be connected so they can work together.

February sunshine

We are an eclectic group. Whilst some simply enjoy the magic of working with their dog others compete and enter shows. We focus on developing skills whilst having a lot of fun.

So, if you just want to experience the magic of working with your dog that magic grows as you gain skills. If you want to compete make it fun, enthusiastic dogs do well in competition.

And finally a Warning: Trying Agility with your dog can and often does lead to addiction!

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