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   Dizzy Dogz Agility  Training Venue in Worcester


Note: Dogz with a z

Updated 18/05/22

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 Providing structured training for dogs at all levels both individually and in small groups since 2006

We welcome new dogs and their handlers to the group and offer the first 2 sessions free but as with any offer there are conditions:

 Basic "Pet obedience" is required: Come when called and sit/stay being the main points. Good walking on lead is not significant because we work off lead. Dogs must be sociable with other dogs. (See below) Also important that dog and handler are connected. You are welcome to drop in on a training session, meet others and see how we work. 


Agility and play are very active and energetic but we feel an occasional quiet moment is also important.

The rules are: Wait quietly till it's your turn for a treat and don't push in or try to take another dogs' treat. 

With 11 dogs in the picture it looks like we have large groups! We don't. 6 are doing Agility, 3 are Companion dogs and 2 are mine.


From time to time members of the group acquire new puppies and we all want to meet them as soon as we can. 

Puppy classes are a great but we think meeting dogs of all ages is even better. Yesterday the age range was 10 weeks to over 12 years. 


but we allow them to gain experience with low impact fun activities such as going through jumps but with the pole on the ground and pups seeing dogs going into tunnels are fascinated and want to investigate. In the picture below, Tilly is trying the dog walk but flat on the ground.


Whilst we are an Agility group if you have a young pup and would like him/her to have the experience of meeting other dogs please get in touch but be aware the golden time where dogs gain life experiences best is up to 16/18 weeks

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 Hello Martha (New kid on the block!) Our Spaniel count is rising. 4 then sadly we lost one but it was back to 4 then 5 then 8! Update: Now 11 spaniels!

So, when it comes to fun records you can fit 27 people in a Mini but how many dogs can you fit on a seesaw plank? For safety, I suggest the plank is flat on the ground.