Dizzy Dogz

   Dizzy Dogz Agility  Training Venue in Worcester


Note: Dogz with a z

Last update 27/12/20

Dog Agility Training at all levels

Dizzy Dogz Agility provides structured training for  dogs at all levels both individually and in groups of up to 4 dogs.

Beginners with no previous Agility experience are welcome to try an individual training session for free! Some basic "Pet obedience" is required: Come when called and sit being the main points. Walking well on a lead is not significant as dogs work off lead from the start in a fenced area. A chance to try Agility without distractions from other dogs. You are also welcome to drop in on a training session, meet others and see how we work.

Covid update November 27th 20:


"Organized outdoor sport and physical activity and exercises can continue." So we will start Agility again as from 3rd December. Please observe rules on the gate and fence.

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